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It’s your Birthday isn’t it?! The numbers have something to say about you and the day you were born….

It’s your Birthday isn’t it?! The numbers have something to say about you and the day you were born….

There is something special about you, that is for certain!

The Birthday Vibration, or the Birthday Number, is simply the calendar day on which you were born. Of course, as in the Life Path and numbers derived from it, this number is based on the standard Gregorian civil calendar, not one of the many solar or lunar calendar systems that were designed on the basis of astrology.

This powerful indicator shows a talent, or special ability, that you possess. Sometimes this talent is latent and waiting for an opportunity to express itself, sometimes it is apparent in one form or another from an early age. This number is very important to the profession and lifestyle. Because it is the number from which the vibration of the Productivity Cycle is derived, it is most in evidence during the 2nd of the three Life Path Cycles. In many cases, it can be more prominent that the Life Path itself.

Being a number that cannot be changed, it often shows why and when people mysteriously exchange one career for another, or abandon a previously cherished way of life, or experience sudden elevations in career and status.

1st - Having been born on the 1st of the month, your Birthday Number is 1. This means that you are forceful, ambitious and a self starter, who, regardless of career, strives to get ahead in life. Some may even consider you aggressive. You are more mentally-oriented than many may suspect, because you tend to repress your emotions and prefer action to words. You are also a very independent individual, disliking anything or anyone who impinges on your freedom. You tend more towards logic than emotionally based thinking, and make decisions based on personal advantage. You are likely to achieve your goals through your drive, especially during your Productive Cycle.

2nd -Since you were born on the 2nd of the month, your Birthday Number is 2. Two tends to be the friendliest of numbers, explaining your natural talent for working with others. You would probably prefer being employed than to run your own business. Groups, associations, alliances and partnerships are all places where you shine. You prefer to live with others rather than living alone, but there are times where your emotional and moody nature can get in the way of solid and honest relationships. There is a tendency towards nervousness, and you will go through very powerful emotional experiences during your Productive cycle.

3rd - Anyone born on the 3rd of the month has a Birthday Number of 3. Three is the most outgoing and social of numbers. People think of you as being pleasant and cheerful, and maybe entertaining. You will thrive in any career where creativity and enthusiasm can be put to use. Being able to hold your own in social situations is a powerful asset that will come to your aid more than once, especially during your Productive Cycle. Your lively way of expressing yourself gives you the ability to present, demonstrate or speak before the public. Your gift for spontaneity and self-expression makes for a great love of social activities, and others will enjoy your presence at them.

4th - Because you were born on the 4th of the month, your Birthday Number is 4. Your inherent talents for organization, loyalty and responsibility are tremendous career assets for you, especially in your Productive Cycle. During this time of life, you are likely to establish yourself as a person of substance, and display an impressive ability to stay on task despite distractions. Although you can be stubborn at times, your persistence and drive help you push through obstacles that would cause others to turn away in defeat. Your progress in life is stable and steady rather than sudden and short-lived.

5th - Having been born on the 5th of the month, your Birthday Number is 5. You require a career and lifestyle that allows for constant change, including lots of travel and plenty of variety, in fact, you might enjoy or even require this kind of whirlwind activity, lest you become bored. In that you are very versatile and have such a quick mind, this is a great number for any career that requires you to think on your feet and constantly adjust to changing circumstances. Despite this flexibility, you may find that sometimes you spread yourself too thin and feel rootless, especially during the Productive Cycle.

6th - If you were born on the 6th of the month, your Birthday Number is 6. You are driven to achieve, and achievement will come quickly, especially during your Cycle of Productivity. Unlike people who are ambitious and seek the acknowledgment of others, you are more concerned with expressing your love for others and using your abilities to serve the greater good. It is very important for you to develop the positive aspects of your Birthday Number, because the negative attributes of this number can lead to excessive or fanatical effort to control others through force. You work very well in groups or organizations.

7th - Since you were born on the 7th of the month, your Birthday Number is 7. Your Birthday Vibration is one that flourishes in solitude: you are capable of working on your own and are driven more by aesthetics and ideals than you are by material ambitions. Yours is the most naturally intuitive Birthday Number, and your intelligence helps you excel in either the world of business and science, or the realms of mysticism, art and fantasy, but not both. Love is the primary source of inspiration in all that you do. Your Cycle of Productivity may bring a major shift in your career goals.

8th - Those born on the 8th of the month have a Birthday Number of 8. You have a natural talent for building, managing and developing. Your skills are the ones necessary for bringing ideas down to earth; not in the abstract sense of imagining and designing, but in the sense of coordinating and manufacturing. Your Birthday Number also attracts material wealth in all its forms, especially during your Cycle of Productivity, and you have the ability to take command when necessary. You despise idleness and tend to be progressive, in the sense that every time you do something, you try to it better than you did the last time.

9th - Your Birthday Number is 9, since you are born on the 9th of the month. Yours is a vibration that is global or all-encompassing in its outlook, intuitive, knowledgeable and willing to make sacrifices. A love of travel or exploring the unknown is usually carried by those who have this Birthday Number. Coupled with literary skill and ability, there is a good chance of doing some writing, speaking or teaching for profit at some point in the life, especially during the Cycle of Productivity. You also have a strong artistic gift, and may forgo material ambitions for creative pursuits, at which you could be quite successful.

10th - Although you were born on the 10th of the month, your Birthday Number is 1, because 1+0 = 1. This means that you are forceful, ambitious and a self starter, who, regardless of career, strives to get ahead in life. Aggressiveness is likely to be channeled into creative pursuits. You are prone to use logic and ethics to develop well-reasoned arguments that usually get the results that you want, and enable you to get your way more often than not. Being very independent, you are likely to be somewhat of a non-conformist and may find yourself interested in unusual activities, especially during the Cycle or Productivity.

11th - Those born on the 11th of the month have the Birthday Number 11. Eleven belongs to a special class of numbers called “Master Numbers”. Because 11 also carries 2 (1+1=2), you’re likely to be emotional, very bright and tend toward nervous tension. You have high ideals and lots of determination. As a child, you may have been very dependent on others, because you hadn’t gained enough life experience to work with your full potential. You may go to extremes from time to time, but your talent for inspiring others is likely to benefit many people during your Cycle of Productivity.

12th - Since you were born on the 12th of the month, your Birthday Number is (1+2=) 3. This compound number shows different characteristics than other “3” numbers, for instance, although you are social and outgoing, there is a tendency to lead with action and thought, more than your feelings. Because you are more of a leader than a follower, you tend to stay in charge in both social and business situations. You have a strong imagination, but a tendency to jump from one thing to another. It may take some work to learn to handle things one at a time, and focus on finishing what you start during your Cycle of Productivity.

13th - The 13th of the month is counted as a 4, because 1+3=4. You have the organizational ability and sense of responsibility of the 4, but may, sometimes, feel as if you have limited opportunities to further your own plans. During your Cycle of Productivity, your leadership skills will be prominent, but you’ll have to avoid the tendency not to take the advice of others. It’s likely that you’ll face many chaotic situations, but your capacity for discipline and ability to adapt will see you through. It’s important to know that you tend to lead by example, even when you’re not trying to, and that others will depend on you throughout life.

14th - Since the 14th of the month is a compound 5 (1+4=5), your Birthday Number is 5. You would like a career and lifestyle that allows for travel, change and variety, but may find that responsibilities often get in the way of personal enjoyment. Nevertheless, you’ll find that your ability to coordinate and lead is a terrific asset to you during your Productive Cycle. Your creativity and sense of adventure may be applied in a more stable career, and your rise in life will come from your ingenuity and skill. Your relationships with others are likely to be stable, because your sense of loyalty is as strong as the desire for shared enjoyment.

15th - Your Birthday Number is 6 because 1+5=6. You will be a unique sort of achiever during your Cycle of Productivity, because of your driven but fun-oriented nature. It may be easy for you to avoid responsibility from time to time, but when you do take either a relationship or project on, you know how to enjoy it and help others enjoy it too. You’re also affectionate, and tend to be demonstrative about your affections – some people may find it difficult to know “where they are at” with you. You’ll find that it’s easy to get others to cooperate with you, and that you are a natural teacher of any subject or skill.

16th - As a 7 (1+6=7), your birthday vibration gives you a talent for working on your own. You tend to be driven by aesthetics and ideals rather than by material ambitions. The two numbers that make up your birth date show you to be a person who considers ideas or faith as important as material success. Sometimes you can be aloof and cause others to think that you are ‘in another world’ or are ignoring them, even though you probably are not. It’s easy for you to adjust to maintaining any type of partnership, and you’ll need to put extra effort into doing so, especially during your Cycle of Productivity.

17th - Because 17 (1+7) sums to 8, your Birthday Number gives you a natural talent for building, managing and developing. You have the skills and the will to bring ideas down to earth; and this even includes the ability to manifest your dreams and ideals in a concrete form. You may be more conservative than most of your peers, but also have the talent for being a “practical visionary” who can attract situations that may be driven by abstract principles, but have beneficial and concrete results. This talent will come into good use during your Productive Cycle, in that you stand a good chance of profiting from inspiration and intuition.

18th - As an 18 (1+8)/9, you tend to be an intuitive and knowledgeable individual with a global outlook. You’ll be willing to make sacrifices to pursue your interests, and will have a love of travel that evidences itself early in life. There is a strong possibility that you may bore easily and scatter your energies, because your wide range of interests may lead you off on tangents. During your Productive Cycle, it’s important that you avoid taking a totally materialistic perspective, because it’s more likely that you’ll succeed if you pursue the creative, the unlikely or the unknown instead of wealth and worldly power.

19th - 19, which numerologically resolves to your Birthday Number of 1, gives you the ability to be an ambitious self starter, who strives to get ahead in life. This is a high tension vibration that helps you to snap back quickly from the ‘ups and downs’ you experience, especially during your Cycle of Productivity. Your Birthday Number is made up of the ‘alpha and omega’ of the fadic cycle, and you will experience the extremes of the emotional spectrum during your busy and active life. Although you may be faced with difficult decisions more often than most, you know how to keep a cool head in the midst of trying situations.

20th - Since 2+0=2, your Birthday Number is a higher octave of the most friendly and cooperative vibration, “2.” Your talent for working with others is highly emphasized; expect groups, associations, alliances and partnerships to be an important key to success during your Productive Cycle. Your moods will tend to be both deeper and longer lasting than those of your peers, and while you find it easy to get along with others, you may find it hard to keep from getting over-involved emotionally. Home and family are important to you, and your attention to detail will be a major asset to both professional and personal relationships.

21st - A Birthday Number of 21/3 may cause you to be a little less outgoing than other variations of 3, but not less social. You’ll enjoy the crowd or the company of others, but will not try to call an inordinate amount of attention to yourself. Your creative and conversational abilities will be put to use in ways that help, support or entertain others, rather than to advance your own agenda. During your Productive Cycle, you’ll benefit from your ability to present yourself without hogging the spotlight, and find that your imagination, intuition and temperament will guide you into a busy work schedule and social calendar.

22nd - The number 22, belongs to a special class of numbers called “Master Numbers”. While you still carry the vibration of the stable, steady, results-oriented number 4 (because 2+2=4), you tend to be more of a dreamer, making big plans, and get involved in large-scale projects and activities, especially during your Productive Cycle. Others will easily follow your lead. Your strong intuition, if left uncultivated, may be the reason for the nervousness and tension in your temperament. It’s important that you take extended breaks from your routine and learn relaxation techniques; this is an important key to success.

23rd - One born on the 23rd of any month has the Birthday Number 5. This number belongs to people who like to have fun, and likes helping others enjoy themselves as well. You’ll probably enjoy lots of travel during Productive Cycle, and experience a wide range of entertainment. Unless your work involves a lot of variety and change, you are not likely to find it satisfying, because being stuck in a routine goes against the grain for you. People with this birthday number often show a good degree of psychic sensitivity, even if they don’t notice it. It’s favorable for almost any career in which there is some kind of display or presentation involved.

24th - Those born on the 24th of the month have a Birthday Number of 6. Although driven to achieve, your achievement is motivated by love and a strong sense of responsibility. There is a willingness to serve the greater good in this vibration that often supersedes your need for personal comfort. You are full of energy, and it would be a good idea to learn to relax when you can. This restless vibration makes you good at multitasking, but it’s important for you to learn to pay attention to details; you are likely to be better at doing so than you think you are. You’ll find that you have a talent for adjusting to situations, which makes life easier.

25th – Since your birthday is the 25th of the month, your Birthday Number is 7. You will find that you are a self-starter and very independent in any activity you take on, and that your productivity increases when you are working on your own. The combination of the cooperative two and the variety oriented five can be tricky to deal with, because attitudes and ideas can develop that might take you in an unproductive direction. But this compound number also has its advantages – especially in the social arena. Finding a coach or mentor during your Productive Cycle could insure a very successful career.

26th - Because your Birthday Number 8 is built from 2 and 6, your talent for organization and management is likely to be very favorable in the domestic area of life. Your relationships with others are likely to benefit from your practical and realistic thinking. You tend to adjust well to new people and situations, and are likely to “walk your talk” especially when others look to you for aid or comfort. There are times when you may be generous to a fault. Prosperity will come to you as long as you do not focus too much on your personal advantage in financial situations; focus on helping others and let money matters be secondary to personal excellence.

27th - Yours is the strongest Birthday Vibration 9, because you were born on the 27th of the month. You truly have a knack for seeing the big picture, and thinking globally, but it is important to learn that you don’t have to sacrifice your own wellbeing in order to enhance the lives of others. You also tend to be steady, responsible and reliable, and good at resolving differences between others. Don’t compromise your ideals or fail to pursue your own goals during your Productive Cycle. You can be quite forceful at times, and may alienate others with your reliance on power rather than consensus; the compassionate solution always works best for you.

28th - Your Birthday Number is 1, and although you are ambitious as any person with this vibration, your ambitions are likely to be focused on materialistic lines or financial success than others. Sometimes you may unconsciously hide how considerate you are toward others, and this may cause misunderstandings with your loved ones and associates. Being comprised of the cooperative two and the forceful eight, you won’t have problems gaining the cooperation of others, as long as you ask for it. Because of your logical and detail-oriented nature, you can be a powerful ally, or, at the very least, an excellent supporter, especially during your Productive Cycle.

29th - Since you were born on the 29th of the month, your Birthday Number is the Master Number 11, but carries a strong vibration of 2 as well. Two tends to be friendly, and the factors (2 and 9) of your Birthday Vibration may make you more relationship-oriented than those born on the 11th. You’re an inspired dreamer, and may be very emotional, although you are rather bright. Your high ideals and strong determination may be a source of nervous tension from time to time. This Birthday Number could be a sign of psychic ability that may emerge during your Productive Cycle.

30th - Having been born on the 30th of the month, you have the strongest Birthday Vibration 3. You’re naturally outgoing and social, and have a talent for “brightening up” whatever situation you find yourself in. Because you are rarely depressed, others may depend on you for a “lift” from time to time, or look to you for ego strokes. At the same time, you may be a little vulnerable to flattery. There may be a strong jealous streak in you, but because you are able to add force to your self-expressive nature, you’ll be known as a tough negotiator and a powerful speaker; this talent will be an asset to both your professional and private life.

31st - Because your Birthday Number is 4, you have a built in talent for organization, and because 3 and 1 are the factors, it will be easy for you to use these assets to move your career forward during your Cycle of Productivity. You won’t have a problem expressing your reliable and assertive nature, making it easy for you to establish yourself as a person of strength and substance. You’re one of the rare people who can do things “by the book” without becoming bored. Others tend to follow your lead, and you’ll find that this gift can help you succeed at work or in a business on your own. Avoid extreme viewpoints and success will come easily to you.

The Birthday Number, with its gifts and challenges, is a very important study in personal Numerology. Learning the strategies that work well with your personal vibrational patterns can open the road to success, happiness and well-being in every aspect of your life.

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